Last chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” out now!

Hi guys! Today, I have published the last four chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds”, and I have to tell you, I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, I’m proud of myself for having finished it, and happy about how it turned out. On the other hand, I feel kind of empty and sad to be leaving these characters behind. Although, who knows? I’ve been thinking a lot about the world of Stranger and his little clan. Maybe, some day in the future, this novelette will become part of something bigger.

But for now, I plan to stick to somewhat smaller projects for this blog. I’m working on a couple of ideas for short stories, and thinking about writing more posts about writing. Not how-to-do stuff; I’m far from an expert, and there are so many great books on writing out there, including my personal favorite: Stephen King’s On Writing. Rather, I’m thinking of sharing some thoughts on my own approach to writing, and on the process of creating a story.

For those of you who have stuck with me up until now, thank you for reading! For those who are new here, please check out my stories and if you want, get back to me and tell me how you liked them. All comments are welcome and I’d love to hear from you but as always, my greatest hope is that you’ll read and enjoy my stories:-)

Two more chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” have been published!

Hi, guys! Today, I’ve published two more chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” and the last four chapters are scheduled to be released during the coming week. Chapter 10 can be found here, Chapter 11 hereor you can find them in the menu, under The Stories.

And speaking of the menu, in case you’re wondering if there’s a good reason why chapters 1 through 9 now appear in the menu as chapters 01 to 09, then yes, yes there is. Namely, my inexperience as a blogger. I simply couldn’t figure out how to make them appear in order without renaming them, so if anyone reading this does know, and wants to enlighten me, I’d be incredibly grateful. If not, well, I guess for now the menu will just have to look a wee bit silly. In fact, being a wee bit silly myself, I might even learn to appreciate it.

As always, comments on my blog posts and stories are welcome, but mostly, I just hope you enjoy the read!

Chapter 9 published, and there’s more to come!

Hi guys! I know I’ve been away for a while, and that I’ve been lagging behind my planned publication schedule. I’m sorry about that. All I can do is cite end-of-term-panic and hope you’ll forgive me  for prioritizing university-assigned writing over the fun stuff. But now I’m back, and Chapter 9 of The Wages of Their Deeds has finally been published!

And I have more good news. Inspiration, having been pushed to one side by the need for academic achievement, made a stunning come-back last week, and I have finished writing the last chapters of the story. It ended up being 15 chapters, and since you guys had to wait around for me while I was off being a good student, I thought I’d reward your patience by publishing all seven chapters over the next couple of weeks. Chapters 10 and 11 will be published by Sunday, and the last four chapters  by Sunday next week.

I hope you enjoy the story, and as always, would be delighted to hear back from you. All comments and opinions are welcome!


Chapter 7 of “The Wages of Their Deeds” has been published!

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know that Chapter 7 of my serial novelette, “The Wages of Their Deeds” has been published. More than halfway through, in other words, and I’m excited about it. I’ve spent a lot of time with these characters, and want to get to the end of their story, so it will be finished. At the same time, I’m feeling a bit reluctant.

See, I know where this story is going. Sometimes, it’s like that. The first scene, with Stranger standing on that hill, came to me, and the moment it did, I knew what he was doing there. I knew how this story began, and I’ve always known how it was going to end, and all I had to do was figure out what went on in the spaces that go in between.

That’s actually harder than it sounds, but now, I’ve almost got it all straightened out. The thing is, the more I write, the more I feel there are other stories to tell in this world, other things these characters have to say, and who knows?

Maybe in the future, they will.

But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy Chapter 7, which you can find here, or under “The Stories” menu. As always, comments are welcome, and I’ll reply promptly to any comments or questions.

Have a good continuation of your day, whatever timezone you happen to reside in, and I thank you for reading!

Chapter 6 of “The Wages of Their Deeds” has been published!

Today, I’ve published the sixth chapter of my novelette, “The Wages of Their Deeds”. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a science fiction story I’ve been writing, and I’m publishing it as a serial novelette. A new chapter is published every Sunday, and I’m really happy that more and more people seem to be dropping by to read it each week.

You can find the new chapter here, or look for it under “The stories” in the menu. As always, I’ll be happy to hear from anyone who has an opinion about the story or the blog in general, and whether you like it or hate it, you’re very welcome to leave a comment and say so. I promise, I’ll reply if you do!


As for me, I’m starting to fall into my annual winter daze. I wonder if there’s been some kind of cosmic mistake and really, I was supposed to have been born a bear, because as soon as it starts to get dark, all I want to do is eat a lot of candy and go to sleep until spring. Being human, however, hibernation isn’t really an option, so instead, I have treated myself to a gorgeous, new winter coat. It made a good-sized dent in my income, and I’ll be eating a lot of noodles as a result, but it makes me happy, so I figure it’s worth it.


Poetry – it’s (apparently) fun!

So, I’ve told you I’m a Literature student, right? Well, my programme incorporates creative elements, the idea being that in understanding different types of literature, it can sometimes be easier to “learn by doing”.

Now, I’m not saying this idea is without merit. As a matter of fact, the creative aspect of this particular programme was exaclty what made me move a long-ass way from everything and everybody I know, and go study Literature in Umeå, even though I love living in Stockholm, and we have a perfectly good University of our own.

So, I’m not saying I don’t want to learn by doing. But, oh sweet Muses, isn’t there a less painful way I could learn about sonnets?

I don’t know about the Muses, but my teacher didn’t appear to think so. In fact, he appeared to think that learning about sonnets by writing them wasn’t only a good way to learn, but a fun way to learn. Not having written a single line of poetry since I was a black-clad, black-eyeliner-and-lipstick wearing, doom-and-gloom-worshipping, angsty teenager, my inward reaction to this assignment was, let’s say, less than enthusiastic.

But you know what? It actually was kind of fun, and while the sonnet I crafted wasn’t what I’d call Great Art, nor was it completely hideous. So I decided to share it with you, in the same spirit my teacher had me write it: Because it’s fun.

And because I’m weird, I decided it would also be fun to see if I could translate it and have the translation not suck, and I think I did pretty well. You can find the English version here, and the Swedish one here. And, hey, if you happen to be able to read in both Swedish and English, it might also be fun to see if you can guess which one is the original sonnet, and which is the one I translated.

Or not. We can’t all be easily amused, but I’m pretty sure life is a lot more fun for those of us who are.

Third chapter of “The Wages of Their Deeds” out today!

You know what the best thing is about being a Literature student, besides the awesomeness of being able to say that yes, I really am supposed to spend all day doing nothing but reading and writing? It’s all the great ideas you get for new stories. Do you know what the worst thing is? That with all that reading and writing I’m supposed to be doing, I have very little time to be writing anything else.

And that’s why I decided to do “The Wages of Their Deeds” as a serial novellette. Having a schedule sets goals, and keeps me working on the story. It keeps me focused, and keeps me from doing what I normally do – which is to start writing the moment I get an idea, only to move on to the next story, as soon as a shiny, new spark of inspiration comes along. And I’m glad, because I really like these characters, and this story, and I hope you will, too.

It’s Sunday, which of course means that the third chapter is out today, and you can find it here, or look for it in in the menu, under “The Stories”. As always, I’ll be happy to hear from anyone who might feel inclined to leave a comment on this post or the chapter, but above all, I hope you will enjoy the story!

Oh, and with Halloween and Allhelgona, the zombies are out in full force. Take care not to whack any living people in the head – people who dress up as zombies are people too, (even though they are evil).

First chapter of a new science fiction story posted!

Just a quick note to tell you that I have posted the first chapter of a serialized novelette I’ve been working on.

Short aside: Is it really a novelette? Or is it a novella? I can’t get the definitions straight, which should probably be embarrassing for a Literature student, but what can I say? I apparently have no shame. But if anyone has any insights as to the genre definition, please share! I am willing, and eager, to learn from the wielders of superior knowledge.

So, about the story. It’s a science fiction story called The Wages of Their Deeds. It is a story about a man called Stranger, who was born to rule, but who gave up his birthright after a shocking act of violence forced him to leave his father’s palace, his station and his name behind.

It’s a story about clashing cultures in a society where the rule of law leaves much to be desired of justice, and about how difficult it can be to hold true to your own ideals.

It is also a story about friendship, and about making your own way in life, and bearing the consequences of your actions.

The story will be posted in installments, I’m thinking one chapter every week, on Sundays. Currently, it’s looking to be eleven or twelve chapters long, but that is subject to some change, as I am still in the middle of the editing process.

You can find it under “The Stories”, “Fiction in English”, “The Wages of Their Deeds”, or click here.

I hope you’ll check it out and even more than that, I hope you’ll like it!


What is this blog about?

The short answer is, it isn’t really a blog at all. Yes, I may occasionally write about books, writing and the stuff they teach me at school (I’m a University student, studying Literature and Creative Writing).

However, the main purpose of this site is to give me a venue for publishing my fiction. There will be short stories in English and in Swedish, perhaps some serialized novellas and possibly even some poems. And it will be free.

I write in several genres, and some of the stories are mixed genre works, but most of what I write has a speculative aspect to it. I don’t write pure romance, although some of my fiction does have romantic subplots. I don’t write chidren’s or YA stories, although some of my characters happen to be young adults.

I’m also very interested in Psychology, Sociology and History, and I have been known to occasionally obsess about the many-and-varied ways in which the world might come to a messy and disastruous end. Aspects of these interests and preoccupations will show through in various stories, so if you share them, you might want to give my fiction a try. The posted short stories and chapters will be fairly short, so if you hate it, you won’t have wasted much time.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll be back to check out some of my writing.