About the site

This site was created following a conversation with a friend of mine about writing, and our dreams of having other people read what we write.  It is, quite simply, a place for me to share my stories, and most of what you’ll find here are works of original fiction, in Swedish and English.

Occasionally, I may post thoughts on books, writing and interesting stuff I pick up in school.

About the stories

I write mostly speculative fiction, though a lot of my work is mixed genre. Dystopian future, fantasy and odd little tales from a world that looks just like ours, only slightly skewed, are my preferred settings, and I like to throw in the occasional mystery subplot to keep things interesting.

I don’t believe in absolute villains or heroes who are all the way good, but I like to keep far away from the grim-dark nihilism end of the fantasy spectrum. I don’t write pure romance, but my stories do occasionally have romantic subplots.

If you want to know more, read them! You’ll make me very happy if you do.

About me

I’m a student at Umeå University, studying Literature and Creative writing. I spend a lot of time thinking about the world, but mostly about people, and trying to figure out why we do all the crazy, occasionally horrific and sometimes wonderful things that we do.

And when I’m stressed out, I tend to have nightmares about being chased and eaten by zombies.