Last chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” out now!

Hi guys! Today, I have published the last four chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds”, and I have to tell you, I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, I’m proud of myself for having finished it, and happy about how it turned out. On the other hand, I feel kind of empty and sad to be leaving these characters behind. Although, who knows? I’ve been thinking a lot about the world of Stranger and his little clan. Maybe, some day in the future, this novelette will become part of something bigger.

But for now, I plan to stick to somewhat smaller projects for this blog. I’m working on a couple of ideas for short stories, and thinking about writing more posts about writing. Not how-to-do stuff; I’m far from an expert, and there are so many great books on writing out there, including my personal favorite: Stephen King’s On Writing. Rather, I’m thinking of sharing some thoughts on my own approach to writing, and on the process of creating a story.

For those of you who have stuck with me up until now, thank you for reading! For those who are new here, please check out my stories and if you want, get back to me and tell me how you liked them. All comments are welcome and I’d love to hear from you but as always, my greatest hope is that you’ll read and enjoy my stories:-)

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