Two more chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” have been published!

Hi, guys! Today, I’ve published two more chapters of “The Wages of Their Deeds” and the last four chapters are scheduled to be released during the coming week. Chapter 10 can be found here, Chapter 11 hereor you can find them in the menu, under The Stories.

And speaking of the menu, in case you’re wondering if there’s a good reason why chapters 1 through 9 now appear in the menu as chapters 01 to 09, then yes, yes there is. Namely, my inexperience as a blogger. I simply couldn’t figure out how to make them appear in order without renaming them, so if anyone reading this does know, and wants to enlighten me, I’d be incredibly grateful. If not, well, I guess for now the menu will just have to look a wee bit silly. In fact, being a wee bit silly myself, I might even learn to appreciate it.

As always, comments on my blog posts and stories are welcome, but mostly, I just hope you enjoy the read!

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