Chapter 5 of “The Wages of Their Deeds” published!

Chapter 5 of my serial novelette, “The Wages of Their Deeds” is now published! You can find it here or look for it in “The Stories” menu. I hope you’ll read it and like it, and you’re very welcome to leave a comment to tell me what you think about it.

As for me, I have a paper to write for school and it’s due on Tuesday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stop procrastinating for long enough to get it done. And maybe spend some time with my mother, who must be starting to think I didn’t come home to visit with her, after all. Sure, I sleep in her guestroom and eat all her food, but so far, I’ve spent more time with my books and on the computer than I have with her.

Wish me luck, and if I don’t write again until next Sunday, have a great week!

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