Chapter 4 of “The Wages of Their Deeds” is out today!

Yep, it’s Sunday, and a new chapter of my serial novelette is out, as scheduled. This week’s chapter gives us a bit more insight into Stranger’s past, and you’ll get to know more about the world he lives in.

You can find Chapter 4 under “The Stories”, or click here to go there directly. I hope you’ll read and enjoy!

As for me, it’s an overcast day in Umeå, and though the dark cover of clouds seems intent on robbing us of what little daylight November bestows on the north of Sweden, I’m not complaining. I have schoolwork to be getting on with, and a dark, gloomy day provides the perfect incentive to stay indoors, and hit the books.

Next week, I’m on a short break from Uni, and will be going home to Stockholm. Family, friends and the most beautiful city in the world welcoming me home. It’s going to be awesome!

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