First chapter of a new science fiction story posted!

Just a quick note to tell you that I have posted the first chapter of a serialized novelette I’ve been working on.

Short aside: Is it really a novelette? Or is it a novella? I can’t get the definitions straight, which should probably be embarrassing for a Literature student, but what can I say? I apparently have no shame. But if anyone has any insights as to the genre definition, please share! I am willing, and eager, to learn from the wielders of superior knowledge.

So, about the story. It’s a science fiction story called The Wages of Their Deeds. It is a story about a man called Stranger, who was born to rule, but who gave up his birthright after a shocking act of violence forced him to leave his father’s palace, his station and his name behind.

It’s a story about clashing cultures in a society where the rule of law leaves much to be desired of justice, and about how difficult it can be to hold true to your own ideals.

It is also a story about friendship, and about making your own way in life, and bearing the consequences of your actions.

The story will be posted in installments, I’m thinking one chapter every week, on Sundays. Currently, it’s looking to be eleven or twelve chapters long, but that is subject to some change, as I am still in the middle of the editing process.

You can find it under “The Stories”, “Fiction in English”, “The Wages of Their Deeds”, or click here.

I hope you’ll check it out and even more than that, I hope you’ll like it!


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