What is this blog about?

The short answer is, it isn’t really a blog at all. Yes, I may occasionally write about books, writing and the stuff they teach me at school (I’m a University student, studying Literature and Creative Writing).

However, the main purpose of this site is to give me a venue for publishing my fiction. There will be short stories in English and in Swedish, perhaps some serialized novellas and possibly even some poems. And it will be free.

I write in several genres, and some of the stories are mixed genre works, but most of what I write has a speculative aspect to it. I don’t write pure romance, although some of my fiction does have romantic subplots. I don’t write chidren’s or YA stories, although some of my characters happen to be young adults.

I’m also very interested in Psychology, Sociology and History, and I have been known to occasionally obsess about the many-and-varied ways in which the world might come to a messy and disastruous end. Aspects of these interests and preoccupations will show through in various stories, so if you share them, you might want to give my fiction a try. The posted short stories and chapters will be fairly short, so if you hate it, you won’t have wasted much time.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll be back to check out some of my writing.


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